Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Ode to Turkey Day

I’ve seen it. You’ve seen. We all have seen it.
The holly on lamp post wrapped around in a coil.
All surmounted with a bright red bow
Overlooked by mistletoes.
The Santas with their bells
Ring, ring, ring all the while the bird still preheats.
Oh yes, Christmas came early this year, as it did last year.
The out of season decoration that donned every store front
Even before the week of Thanksgiving had come.
Yes, Christmas came early this year but not for the cheer
Instead, it was for the shopping and the specials on TV.
All trying to capitalize on the non-seasonal cheer
So they ring and sing all the while turkey freezes in the freezer.
Prematurely forgotten,
And the dinner you ate last Thursday
Could’ve been a regular dinner for all anyone in the advertising business was concerned
Sure I can understand that you make more money selling presents than cranberry sauce.
But still, where’s the heart?
Do you even care?
You great businesses of enterprise
Have you forgotten how to squeeze every penny out from every holiday?
I still have my Yom Kippur earmuffs
“They’ll keep you warm,
While you atone”
Oh, and let’s not forget about the entertainment industry,
Who shows it mockery to the season.
I saw a Christmas special on Thanksgiving night.
Respectfully, it was after we had finished our dinner
But not before we had had our pie.
We as a people can not tolerate this.
We can’t accept what will come:
Reruns on Christmas day because the special was shown on Thanksgiving
It’s disgraceful; it’s a shame, its exposition.
An ode to turkey for someday this statement will be true
As the day will some day be known as Christmas part une (fr. One)
Bon chance, le petit dindle!
(Translate: Good luck, little turkey!)